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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 13: Shopping with Ann

Today, we met Ann in the lobby of our hotel for a morning of shopping.  First, we headed to the pearl market where I got a necklace, bracelet, and several pairs of earrings as well as two strands of unstrung pears.  Then we went to the jade market where I got a pendant.  There was another shopping area nearby where we got some ornaments for our Christmas tree.  Later we went to the toy market where strangely we bought silk items and clothing.  We really enjoyed shopping with Ann.  We'd read online that she walked very fast and that it was hard to keep up with her, but Vuong actually set the pace and Ann and I had to run to catch up!  He was carrying Parker in the carrier, too!  When we finished shopping with Ann, we walked around the island to finish up with some things we'd looked at earlier in the week, but decided to wait until after shopping with Ann to be sure we'd be getting a good deal.  All in all, we think we got some pretty good deals.
Parker played in the hallway area with the little girl down the hall.  Her name is Anna, and she's two.  They played with a ball for awhile, both of them learning how to share.  They were both on their best behavior and I didn't have to leave embarrassed because Parker was beating her up because he wanted the ball all to himself!  :o)
We started packing up tonight and trying to find places to put all of our treasures from today.  Vuong is leaving a few clothing items behind and we've freed up some room by eating the instant oatmeal, ramen, and goldfish we brought with us.  We're pretty sure we can leave China with the same luggage we came with and no more!  That's good!
I'm sad that tomorrow is our last day in Guangzhou.  Although I AM ready to come home, I'm just having so much fun here.  Every day feels like Saturday.  Even through we do have places to be and things to do, it's just nice to be able to walk around as a family and have no other worries.  I know once we get home, life with start again and we'll be busy all the time.  It will be good for Parker to be home.  I'm sure he thinks we live in a one room hotel room, eat out every night, sleep in the same bed, and keep our clothes in or around the suitcases.  There are a few surprises for him at home! 
Happy Wednesday to you!

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