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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 14: Last Full Day in Guangzhou

Today has been a sad day of sorts.  A day full of goodbyes to new friends that you hope to see again.  A day when we all will leave the place where our families were made.  A place where our families grew.  A place that brought us all together for a common goal:  Adoption.
We slept a little later again today and then got up to take a cab to the Dim Sum at a restaurant that our guide, Lily, said was 'famous'.  I don't know about famous, but we were just excited that they had the carts we are used to ordering from.  I forgot to mention that our first Dim Sum experience wasn't so much fun because the menu was entirely in Chinese with NO PICTURES!  Such a sad day for us!  :o)
After breakfast, we walked around in the same shopping area on 'the other side of the bridge' because that's where the restaurant was.  It was, amazingly,  the same stuff that had been there the day before and the day before that.  (I'm being sarcastic here!)  We walked back home and decided to put Parker down for a nap.  He looked so nice and cozy on the bed that we both decided a nap sounded like a good idea.  Mmmm, I could get used to that!  We played with Parker for a while, then went out for a walk.  We had to return our stroller that Dong at Susan's Place has let us borrow.  It was kind of a sad walk because I knew that tomorrow I would have to leave.  It has really been nice and relaxing to be here.  Parker has been a joy and has settled into our family nicely.  It's hard to imagine what life was like without him!  Since we've been in Guangzhou, his personality has really come out.  He's a silly goose most of the time.  My favorite thing he likes to do now is pretend like he is cracking up at something.  He throws his head back and (fake) laughs and laughs.  Sometimes he slaps his leg or chest because it is just that funny.  He also does that little sigh at the end, like he's is catching his breath and thinking about how funny it was.  I just love it!  Tonight he was pretending he was sleeping.  Snoring and all.  So funny!  I hope that once we get home, Vuong can still be relaxed and enjoy all this kid has to offer.  God wanted us to come to China to get Parker because He knew that Parker was the perfect fit for our family!
Tonight, we are working on packing up.  It's a amazing how much junk is in this room!  We do have LOTS to pack.  I did send our laundry out yesterday so it's all nice and neatly packed in plastic bags in the suitcase.  Now, just to find room for all the OTHER stuff!
I should go!  Lots to do but not a lot time!  We're leaving for the train station back to Hong Kong tomorrow morning at 7:30am.
Love to all!

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