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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 10: Touring Guangzhou

{ I originally posted this on Sunday, but apparently it didin't make it to the blog, therefore setting off a firestorm of worry!  We're fine.  Thanks for letting me know you aren't getting updates! }

Today we went with several other families to tour the King's Tomb.  Maybe it's called something more elaborate than that, but that's what Lily called it.  And since she's lived here her entire life, I'll stick with that. 
In 1983, the tomb was accidentally unearthed.  After finding all the rooms and relics in the tomb, they made a museum.  We got to actually go down inside the original tomb.  It was very interesting.  The museum had all of the relics on display and was actually a pretty big museum.  The ironic part is, all around the museum is city.  Huge highrise apartment buildings, stores, markets, etc.  And right in the middle of it all is a huge piece of land with lots of grass and trees.  The museum actually sits on top of a hill so you can go down into the tomb with is 60 feet below ground.  We enjoyed it a lot.
Then we went to a jade market.  And then to the pearl market.  A few families bought things, but we're saving our jade and pearl buying for Wednesday when we go with Ann from Red Threads.  We looked around a bit and got some ideas. 
After that, we came back to the island and took Parker to the park for a while.  He had fun running around, but his gross motor skills are a bit lacking.  He still 'toddles' when he walks and has trouble climbing stairs and running.  Vuong helped him up the stairs, and then he finally got brave enough to come down the slide.  He was so funny when he came down the big spiral slide.  Vuong would send him down to me at the bottom.  When he got to the second curve, he would slow down and then slide ever so slowly until he got to the bottom.  The entire time, his face was like, "What is happeing to me?  Help!"  So funny!
We came back to our room and order pizza.  I know, I know.  But after being out all day, Parker missed his nap and we just needed a low key kind of night.  He is a GREAT eater!  He had no problem downing a whole piece of pizza.  He'll eat anything.  He loves vegetables, and meat, and of course, rice.  He has no food issues at all so I'm very happy.  He also drinks lots and lots of water.  Yay!
He is, however, having some trouble with going potty.  At first, he was reluctant to sit on the big potty at all.  We sit him backwards so he can hold on to the seat.  Things have gotten better since the first day, and sometimes he goes with no problem.  But sometimes, he won't go when he gets up in the morning.  Today was one of those days.  We took him several times before leaving this morning, but no luck.  I took him at the museum.  He even told Lily in Chinese that he didn't have any pee pee.  So, no luck again.  Lots of times to go, but he waits until we are at an older mall with only wholesale like vendors to decide he has to go.  This bathroom was SO nasty.  The entire floor was wet and I do mean entire.  And you have to practically undress the kid to get him on the potty.  And these were Chinese potties.  So, I told Vuong to take him because I couldn't bear the thought of knowing what parts of his clothes or body had touched the floor.  Vuong came back wtih a thumbs up!  Score!  I'm looking forward to being home so I can help him overcome that little fear!  Waiting until 2pm to go to the bathroom for the first time for the day is just wrong!

Tomorrow is vaccination day.  I'm hoping that since Parker's vaccine book has lots and lots of vaccines written in it, he won't have to have too many shots.  Tomorrow evening, we're also going on the dinner cruise, although we're going dinner(less) because we've heard from many of you as well as other's we've met while we've been here that the food isn't that great. 
Hope you have a great day!  Only a few more days until you get to meet our little muffin!

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