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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 6: CrAzY Day (Part 2)

We woke up this morning bright and early to be ready to meet Mary in the lobby at 8am so we could take Parker back to the hospital for more treatments.  However, after checking my email and reading some comments from other adoptive mom's who'd already been there, done that, we decided not to go.  I made Vuong go to the lobby to break the bad news to Mary.  I didn't want to hurt her feelings or make her think that we were too good for her favorite hospital.  I'm saying that sincerely because Mary is so kind and sweet and helpful.  I was resting with Parker on the bed when Vuong and Mary (surprise!) came up to the room.  Mary wanted to talk to me about why we didn't want to go to the hospital.  She was very concerned because the doctor told her his case of bronchitis was extremely serious.  She wanted to know how our doctors back home would treat it.  I finally had to tell her that I just felt very uncomfortable not knowing what they were doing to Parker or what they were giving him.  She did understand after I told her that I would try a few of the remedies that friends had emailed me and that I would call her if he got worse, or if we wanted to go to the hospital tomorrow because the things we tried here in the room didn't work. 
A few hours later, Judy (our in China coordinator) called about Parker.  She was concerned that if we waited until Friday to fly to Guangzhou, that we might miss our opportunity to see a doctor because of the weekend.  She wants us to take him to the International Hospital in Guangzhou.  So, we're leaving Nanning tomorrow morning instead of Friday.  That way he has time to be seen somewhere before the weekend.  Vuong has been on the phone all morning trying to get our reservations changed.  Judy also wanted to know if we wanted his visa expedited so we could leave for home sooner.  We decided to wait and see what happens in GZ.  If they can patch him up until we get home, then we want to stay.  But if he has to stay in the hospital or get anymore of those scary 'infusions', then we'll try to leave sooner. 
Today, we've spent the day in our room.  We're not sure if Parker is just getting comfy with us, if the medicines he took yesterday at the hospital are having an effect on him, if he's tired, or a combination of all three, but he is being a little stinker at times.  He has hit me twice (only on the arm) because I wouldn't do what he wanted me to do.  He and Vuong had a knock down drag out because Parker threw his cars on the floor (from on the bed) and was commanding Vuong to get them.  I've been using some Baby Signs with Parker.  So far, he knows "more", "please", and  "thank you".  When he commanding Vuong to get his cars, Vuoung was asking him to say please.  He threw quite a fit, as well as a book and he tried to throw the blankets on the bed, before we ignored him and he settled down.  I asked him to say please to Vuong and he did, and then Vuong got his cars.  He's been like that all day so I'm not sure what's going on.  He's taking a nap right now so we're hoping for a better afternoon once he gets up!
Vuong ran out to get some lunch.  We can't get the card reader to transfer the pictures to the computer for some reason.  Vuong is going to play around with it when he get's back. 
So, so, so sorry for the lack of pictures!


  1. So glad you made the choice to forgo the hospital. I would choose an expedited Visa if you really feel that Parker needs to get to the USA for medical care.

    Set the ground rules for his behavior now as it sounds as though he is going to be a pistol! Teaching him to sign will also facilitate communication over the next few months while transitioning into his new family.

  2. Keep your chin up- remember, your the mama now- as hard as it might be. I'm sure your other adoptive moms out there will give you some really good advice for this little temper thing. I'm sorry he's sick. We've all been feverishly checking your blog. It's like waking up and seeing Santa when you post again. I am definately ready for you to come on home. - but you've got a lot of work to do there, I know.
    Be strong! This is all part of God's plan. You can DO this! :) Miss and love you! Jen

  3. Happy to hear you chose to not take him back to that hospital. As far as his behavior, he is just testing you guys out and seeing how far he can push the limits. Just like any toddler would do with a new "babysitter" as well. Let him stretch the limits but of course set some limits and he will find out that you are still going to stick around and be there no matter how far he pushes you.

    You will do great showing him that you are now his forever mommy!! He wants to know that you are going to love him no matter what. Hang in there and keep loving on that baby boy :)

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  4. So thankful you are feeling better about how P is doing. I found your blog through RQ I think.

    Our DD was very ill when we got to China and was already in the hospital. It was not good at all. We were so relieve when we were finally able to leave with her.

    I'm assuming Parker is too young to need the shots? I sure hope so. If he needs some, I hope you can request to opt out. Hugs for a smooth flight tomorrow (today in China!) and for a good report from the dr. in GUZ.

    Blessings, Leslie (hopingfor08 on RQ)