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Thursday, November 25, 2010

On The Road To Recovery!

We saw the doctor today and got 5, yes 5, prescriptions for Parker.  One liquid, one pill that's about the size of a pea seed that has to be cut into thirds, (really? no, but it get's worse), a small oval pill that has to be cut in half, a packet (or sachet) that has to be divided into fourths, (seriously? can you make this any easier?), and another packet. 
We stopped at the 7-Eleven on our after dinner walk around GZ.  I got some yogurt, but didn't realize it wasn't like the yogurt at home, but instead was very runny.  I kept trying to hide these jaggedy pill pieces in the yogurt, but everytime, Parker would swallow the yogurt and spit out the pills. After several attempts, we finally got those down.  Then we used the lid off the sugar bowl to 'mix' up all the packets of stuff with the yogurt.  He swigged that down with the straw she gave me for the yogurt.  And, sadly I saved the best for last and gave him the liquid medicine which was brown and tasted like a mixture of licorice and tar. It did have a familiar taste though I'm not sure why.  Anyway, we have to do this for seven days.  Yippee!  I guess I'll have my pharmacy skills honed by the time I get home!
We're headed to bed so we can Skype with my sister and mom tomorrow morning.  We're still trying to figure out why the card reader won't download my pictures to the comptuer.  I see a new card reader in our future! 
Happy Thanksgiving Friends!


  1. HOORAY!!! So glad he's on the road to recovery.
    WHEW! I mean I don't think there's anything worse than being in a foreign country with a sick baby- (well, maybe a few worse things).
    Happy THanksgiving! We're going to Mom's today (bwaa-bwaa). So when P's throwing a fit (if he does) just think I would rather be in YOUR shoes than having a day long dinner in crazy town USA.
    Turkeys are on sale! Do you want one in your freezer? he he he
    Hopefully I'll tlak to you soon-

  2. Happy Turkey Day!! Well I guess no turkey, but maybe just order in Papa Johns ;)

    I hope he feels better soon. Any idea what the meds are that you are giving him? I sure hope it is something you know something about this round.

    GZ is just like Savannah, peaceful and fun to just get out and walk around. I hope you have hired Ann from redthreadchina.com to take you out into the "real China" for shopping one day. Ann will take you anywhere you want to go for only $10 an hour, so use her as much as you would like.

    See if your guide will take you to the Safari Park one day too, everyone says it is great. I haven't been yet, but skip the zoo and go to the Safari Park instead. We enjoyed the little river dinner cruise there, the food was a little weird (be sure you buy for the upper deck) but it was neat to see all the lights from the water.

    Have fun and enjoy your last few days in your baby's homeland!

  3. Oh and since you are at the Victory, any chance you can use their computer to upload some pics from there machine??? You are killing me here!

  4. So glad to hear that Parker is on his way to feeing better. You are in our prayers. xoxo