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Friday, November 26, 2010

Nannng (Part 2)

Parker and daddy at the computer, playing with the magnetic farm set that Sheridan loaned him, and our sleeping angel.

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  1. Oh my GOODNESS...do you see that sweet sweet smile on that baby boy?!?!?!? LOVE IT!! So happy to get to see his sweet face with his mommy and daddy both smiling with him :)

    Looks like he may be feeling better too. Enjoy your time in GZ. Visit Jordon's to get Parker's name done in Chinese for "free". It makes for a good keepsake. You can ask about the playroom in the Victory as I hear they have one now. Also, if you get bored, go to the White Swan and visit their playroom too. Just knock on the door and someone should let you in. It is on the main floor in the back far left corner. Hope you have good weather.