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Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 9: Visa Photo and Medical Checkup

We got up early this morning and met Lily in the lobby at 9am.  There are several other families staying at the Victory as well and we all went together to get our children's visa photos and medical checkup.
The first stop was a little hole in the wall shop for Parker's visa photo.  It was quick and painless and we were out in no time.  Then we walked a little further down the street to the International Travel Healthcare Center for the kid's checkups.  First stop, the doctor did a general checkup.  He was concerned because he couldn't find Parker's scar from his surgery.  He looked and looked and looked, then called Lily in to ask what his special need was.  We didn't know all of this at the time.  Then he asked us to follow him to another room and he spoke with another doctor, who then checked around on Parker's tummy.  Vuong and I were gettig worried because we didn't know what they were saying or what the problem was.  Then the second doctor asked us in English if Parker had had surgery and where his scar was.  We had to pull down his pants and show him the scar. which I will say is in a rather unusal place.  It's from his anus and up to the top of his little crack.  It seems like a very unlikely place for them to go in to fix his colon, but of course I wasn't there that day to tell them that.  Anyway, after we provided proof that he indeed did have surgery, we had his hearing checked.  Then they weighed and measured him, and finally he had his TB test.  I almost cried because he let out a horrific wail that broke my heart!  He settled down very quickly, thank goodness. 
We met more families staying in the area, which was really nice.  Parker is enjoying playing with someone closer to his age instead of these old people he's calling MaMa and BaBa.  Once he gets up from his nap, we hope to be able to get together with them again.
Many of you have asked how Parker is doing, both with his bronchitis and behavior.  I'll start with the bronchitis.  He still wheezes from time to time and has a cough, but he seems to be a little bit better.  Today is only the 2nd full day of medicine, so there's hope.  His illness doesn't seem to be bothering him at all.  He still enjoys running and screamng and playing.  He takes his medicine very well.  Sometimes he gags, but trust me, this stuff doesn't taste good.  He's on Ceclor, Azithromycin, hydrochloride, Theophylline, and the brown stuff that says something like Mitt Brown (?).  Every morning and night, I'm crackin', mixin', and stirrin' it up here in the room.  Thank goodness for the Victory swizzle stick they leave every day.  That's been a lifesaver as far as crunching up those pills that have truly been guesstimated!
Parker still has his moments when he tests us to see if we're going to let him continue doesn't something he shouldn't.  But they are WAY less than they were the day after the hospital.  He's a very good boy and does what we ask of him.  He only gets mad when you tell him 'No' or when you make him stop doing something he wants to do.  Usually, he's very easy going and is sweet and friendly.  The days have become so easy that I can't even remember my life without him.  He is our precious Parker!  I'll post more about him next time!
The pictures are of our afternoon walk yesterday. He was quite the little celebrity and everyone wanted their picture made with him.  That was even before they knew he had American parents! 
Well, I should try to catch a few winks while I have the time.  I'll write again later!


  1. One more week!! Yeah yeah yeah!! Can't wait to see him and after all the craziness and newness winds down- we can't wait to meet him!
    I'm still looking at your blog like the true stalker I am. Everything is a-ok here. Not wanting to go back to school on MONDAY. YUCK!
    Don't forget to e-mail me a store list. If you do, I'll pick up some basics and whatnot. Just to get you started- Do you want anything special?

  2. I hope his surgery seems to have been successful, any issues there?

    Oh and I forgot to tell you about the best place to get a massage. Pretend you are exiting the medical clinic, you would turn left and go past the Victory a couple of blocks and the massage palor is down on the left. Cheap and good!