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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 11: Vaccinations, Shopping, and Boat Cruise

Hi Friends,
Fear not.  All is well and good here in Guangzhou.  Yesterday, Parker had 5 vaccinations.  He cried, but as soon as Vuong brought him back, some friends offered him some raisins and he was fine.  We gave him some Tylenol just in case, but he never acted like he needed it.  Vuong and Parker got ice cream and went to the park while I went with some new found friends to a book store that had books written in English and Chinese.  I got Parker a few Spot books as well as a few pictures books.  Then we went to another shopping area and walked around for awhile.  There were 3 different families, so we were gone for quite a while.  We got back to the island around 5:30.  Parker was just waking up from his nap.  Vuong said that Parker LOVED his ice cream.  He got it for him in a cone and he said that he would show his daddy where to wipe his mouth after every single bite.  He does NOT like to be messy!  Funny boy! 
We went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant (again!) and then went with another family to the night boat cruise on the Pearl River.  It was nice.  The buildings line the river and were lit up with different colors and pictures for the Asian Games that ended here on Saturday.  It was about an hour long and Parker really enjoyed it.  We were joking that we probably aren't going to see a big reaction out of him when we take him to see Christmas lights.  Every day is a light show here in China!
We are having a great time making new friends here.  Everyone has such different stories, but somehow we are all alike in so many different ways.  It's so fun to see the new families being made and wondering what it was about that child that made that person know they were 'theirs'.  The kids are having a  great time playing together.  There are babies all the way up to 12 year olds.  The big girls love to pick up Parker and carry him around.  There is one girl who is ten and a half.  They rode the train from Guilin to Nanning together and she told her mom she held Parker all the way.  They were both in foster care at the same orphange.  She makes me laugh when she sees him.  She yells his Chinese name and then comes and snatches him off my lap.  She's really rough with him but in a nice way.  You can tell she's used to mothering little ones.  He gets so mad at her when she grabs him.  But then he settles down because it probably feels normal to him.  Their history makes me smile. 

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