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Friday, November 26, 2010

Life is Good in Guangzhou

Life is good in Guangzhou and here is why:
1.  We got up bright and early so we could Skype video call my family in Oklahoma.  After some technical difficulties and a miscommunication about the time, we were able to get it together.  My mom, sisters, niece, and nephews were all able to meet Parker in 'person'.  I know my nephew Carson enjoyed meeting his 'cousin from around the wolrd' (sooooo cute!) and Jackson was excited to meet his 'best friend' (love it!).  It was also great to see some familiar faces and hear everyone's voice.
2.  We ate breakfast at the hotel and they had BACON.  Real (not live) BACON.  Sometimes, you just don't know whatcha got until it's gone. 
3.  We enjoyed some Starbucks.  MmMmMmm!  It was delicious!
4.  We had a nice little walk around Shamian Island this morning.  We posed for lots of pictures.  Not only for each other, but for curious onlookers.  :o)
5.  We borrowed a stroller this morning.  Parker loved riding in it. 
6.  And finally, A&M beat Texas!  Heck, yeah!  That makes any day GREAT, even if I'm really a Sooners fan at heart! 
Pictures coming next.  Vuong got the problem solved! 

1 comment:

  1. Hey ya'll, Jane and I have very much enjoyed following your trip. Hope Parker is feeling 100% soon. In case they are of any use, here are a few things we learned while staying in Guangzhou:
    1. Lucy's is a nice and safe place to eat. Burgers and ice cream don't quite taste like home, but not too bad.
    2. If you happen to be up early, take Parker for a walk along the Pearl river. Lots of folks enjoying morning exercises; amazing to see: waltzing, kungfu, badminton, swimming...etc.
    3. Explore the city by foot. Go across the bridge, go to the other side of the big building (under construction?) and look around...some good bargains to find.
    4. The Thai food restaurant close to the Victory is good eating.
    5. Chinese beer is cheap and stinky, but not altogether bad.

    Hope you had a joyous Thanksgiving.