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Monday, November 22, 2010

"The Harmonius Period"

Yesterday, after we got back to the room, we finished up some paperwork for Mary.  Part of the paperwork was for the first twenty four hours called "The Harmonious Period".  During this time, even though Parker isn't ours yet, we promised to take care of him.  When we meet at the Civil Affairs Office today, we will tell them if we will keep him or not.  Let me tell you about our first twenty four hours before I tell you what we've decided and why.
This boy is a dream come true.  He is so easy going and still hasn't shed a tear (except for the bath part).  He has bonded to both Vuong and I equally and enjoys being with both of us.  Yesterday, after Parker's nap, we took a walk down to the area with the restaurants to find something for dinner.  Vuong carried him in the Ergo baby carrier and he was snuggling on Vuong and smiling.  Once we found where we would eat dinner, Vuong wanted Parker to sit with me (he said he was scared to have him on his side of the table because he didn't know what to do.)  I helped Vuong out by making Parker sit WITH him AND feed him.  We ordered Parker some wonton soup and although we were told he can feed himself, Vuong enjoyed feeding him with the chopsticks and the soup spoon.  He was a very well behaved boy.  He was saying things in Chinese and talking to us, but we have no idea what he was saying.  We're hoping it's not, "See my rich new American parents!" (hehehe, that's a true story, by the way!)
After dinner, we went to the mall to try to find some jeans that would fit him.  Sadly, after having at least 10 of the department store employees trying to help us find his size in jeans, we decided he would just have to grow into the 24 month jeans he has on.  Then we walked over to Walmart to get some water.  We also got Parker some new shoes because the ones he came in, although they DID fit, looked more like slippers.  We decided to try to find him some medicine, which was a scary experience.  After the help of several people, I finally found some with English directions that said it was for cough due to colds, flu, or upper respitory infections.  We decided to get it because he was really coughing a lot by then.
We came back to the room and got Parker ready for bed.  By this time, he was wheezing pretty badly.  His breathing was quite labored and we decided that today we would either have a doctor come to the room or that we would take our chances at the hospital emergency room.  I sat in the chair again and gave him a sippy cup with water.  The tip is shaped like a bottle nipple, and as soon as he started drinking, his eyes immediately started to close.  I held him that way for quite awhile and he fell asleep.  He stayed asleep even after I wrestled that nipple from between his clenched teeth!  He slept in our bed between us and slept all night.  He's a dreamer like his mommy and talked and made sounds all night.  He did cough a lot too, which kept both us up.  For those of you that know me, I don't EVER get up this early unless I have to!  :o)
Soooooooo, our decision is.....(drumroll, please)
We're keeping him!  I know, I know.... Like you thought we'd say anything else.  He's just perfect and I can't wait for you all to meet him!  Prepare to fall in love!  We did!
Gotta go so I can get ready to meet Mary.  We're also going to try to brush Parker's teeth today although I'm pretty sure a soft bristled brush is NOT going to do the trick.  Maybe something with a power cord would be more like it!
Happy day to you all!



  1. Congratulations! It certainly sounds like it's been a "harmonious" period and I'm so happy for you. Parker looks great! It isn't a huge relief to finally have him? I'm loving your blog updates, it makes me feel like I'm there! Enjoy your Thanksgiving in China with your new little boy!

  2. I just showed Abby the pictures of Parker and she wanted to say hi.

  3. Glad to hear you are keeping him!!! Thanks for posting the pics to keep me from losing my mind. He is SO stinkin adorable. Hurry hurry home so I can squeeze that baby.