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Thursday, November 25, 2010

We Made It To Guangzhou!

Hello Y'all
We made it to GZ in one piece.  Travelling with a toddler certainly makes life interesting.  Parker was great on the plane.  He had a window seat but was too short to see anything.  Besides, we had to fly up above the smog to see the sun and then he was like a
vampire all squinting and retracting from the light.  I had to pull his shade down for him.
Lily, our guide, met us at the airport.  We rode to the hotel and got checked in.  We're staying at the Victory and I feel like I'm in either New Orleans or Savannah.  I know I said I didn't want to fly half way around the world and feel like I'm some place I've already been, but after the hospital and the smoggy sunshine-less days in Nanning, I'm glad to be some where that feels comfy.  The Victory is beautiful.  And our bed, so far, is NOT hard.  :o)  Not that I'm complaining, with the exception of last night, I've slept great every night of this vacation! 
At 3:20pm, Lily will meet us and we'll take a cab over to the Garden Hotel to see the doctor there.  She kept telling us is was Rmb 1000 to see the doctor and that didn't include the medicine.  We're ok with that.  We just want this little guy to feel better.  He actually does sound better today so whatever they gave him at the hospital must have worked.  I just hope it was something like turpentine and vodka. 
Parker has had a good day today.  I think it's because he's tired and he hasn't had too much time to get worked up anywhere as we've been on the move all day until now. He's taking a nap, so we'll see how things go later. 
We're going to try to find something interesting for our Thanksgiving dinner tonight. I kept thinking, "Wow, these people really just skip right over Thanksgiving and go straight for Christmas around here."  But that was before I remembered that the Pilgrims didn't land in CHINA!  Wow!  Yes, I'm tired!
I'll report back later tonight. 

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