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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One More Sleep and a Few Other Tidbits

I seriously cannot believe that I have only one more sleep until we leave for China. It really and truly leaves me speechless. And if you know me, you know that happens, well, never. But we are ready to go. The Perry's generously donated their time and skills to get us all (properly) packed up on Saturday afternoon. Kim is also taking us to the airport which will much more fun than riding in a cab with Jasper!
About blogging in China--

This blog is blocked in China by The Great Firewall of China. I don't really know why, but it is. (No, not just MY blog.  All Google blogs)  However, Google has created a way to post to our blogs by email. While in China, I'll type up an email and send it straight to the blog. But, because I can't see the blog in China, I have to hope that it makes sense to you guys once it gets here. My pictures may not be in order or maybe I won't even be able to tell you what is happening for each one. That's going to be OK, because as wordy as I am, I'm pretty positive that you'll be feeling like you were right there with us in every picture! Kind of like a mind movie.  It's a gift, I know. :o)

Also, since I won't be able to read the blog in China, I also won't be able to see your comments (which I KNOW you are ALL going to leave me!!!). So, I changed the settings so that I have to approve them before they will post on the blog. That is ONLY so they will be sent to my email and I can see them. I have to sign into the blog to be able to post them so once I get home, I'll approve all of them for your reading enjoyment. I just wanted you all to know this so that you didn't think your comments weren't good enough to post!

We've borrowed the junk yard dogs from Virgil's Summer Car Parts (about the parts-- summer here 'n summer there). I'm very happy that Virgil was nice enough to let us have Killer and Razor. We've made a point not to feed these junk yard dogs for several days already and then just intermittently while we are away so that they will be NICE and HUNGRY and VERY MEAN should anyone try to break in while we are away. These dogs are vicious, I tell you. Vicious. Let that serve as your warning.

And with that being said, I will post our itinerary.
  • We are leaving tomorrow (Nov. 17th) at 12:52pm and flying to Detroit (That scares me. The news never makes Detriot sound like a nice place.)
  • From Detroit, we'll fly straight to Hong Kong which should take about 16 hours. (Eeeek!)
  • We'll stay in Hong Kong from Thursday (Nov. 18th) until Sunday morning(Nov. 21st). This is just a little vacation stop for us.
  • On Sunday, we'll take the train to Guangzhou, China, and then a short flight to Nanning, which is in Parker's province.
  • Sunday night we will TRY to sleep knowing that the next day, Monday, we will finally meet Parker.
  • Monday afternoon (Nov. 22nd), around 2:30pm, we will go to the Civil Affairs Office where we will meet Parker. (Do I need to tell you I can't wait?!?!)
  • Tuesday morning (Nov. 23rd), we will go back to the Civil Affairs Office for our interview.
  • Wednesday (Nov.24th) and Thursday (Nov. 25th), do some sightseeing around Nanning. Also, probably have the most interesting Thanksgiving dinner EVER!
  • Friday (Nov. 26th), we will fly to Guangzhou to get ready to do all of the US paperwork.
  • Saturday morning (Nov. 27th), we will take Parker to have his medical checkup and TB test as well as his visa paperwork.
  • Sunday (Nov. 28th), we will tour Guangzhou. Maybe do some shopping.
  • Monday (Nov. 29th), we will take Parker to have his TB test read.
  • Tuesday (Nov. 30th), family interview. Then at 2:15pm we will take the group oath at the US Consulate.
  • Wednesday (Dec. 1st) is a free day. Who knows what we'll do on this day. Maybe shop if we haven't already.
  • Thursday (Dec. 2nd), we'll get Parker's visa.
  • Friday (Dec. 3rd), we'll head back to Hong Kong.
  • Saturday (Dec. 4th), start the L-O-N-G trip home
  • Saturday, December 4th, arrive in Atlanta at 3:49pm to the cheers and smiles of our friends and family!
    And, there you have it. I promise to do my best to post every day while I'm in China. I know how you guys are always just sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for another update. I won't let you down!
    Ok, I need to skedaddle. I have plenty to keep me busy for the next, um, 21 hours!



  1. I hope you will have a rotisserie chicken on stand by! ;)

  2. Indeed, hope your freezer is stocked for the return, but more importantly wishing you lots of catnaps between now and Monday's hugging. You all have a bit more "free time" than we had. Nap, nap, nap!!!
    I saw Jessie Jackson in the Detroit airport once. Wow! Tall man! Huge enterage! Just tossing it out there ;)
    Nap and snack and nap and snack and keep pinching yourself.
    Cheers and Happiest Thanksgiving Week EVER!!!

  3. I am so excited for you all! Cannot wait to read all about it. Lots of prayers! Regina